A Prayer For Your Hustle- Aimasiko by Simi


Ever since I heard this song by Nigerian music artiste Simisola, I’ve been addicted to it.

It’s got such a profound meaning. Lyrics are a thing for me and she did more than justice to the song.

The hustle and bustle of this world makes it very easy to give up; especially when your hustle is nothing compared to your result.

N Vacancy
No Vacancy

Social media makes it no easier as it opens the doors for comparison; making depression as close as our next door neighbour.


The story line makes it so easy to relate with the song. From the hustles of the Keke Napep driver, to the guy who can’t seem to get a job, to the child who gets sent out of school for not paying up her school fees, down to the school principal who is yet to get married and have kids of her own; clearly everyone has their battles.

What do we do during these battles. Do we give up or find the easiest way out?

A letter sending the child out of school

Simi adds a contemporary twist to this song by Ebenezer Obey and it has become a favourite to many.


The chorus brings us back to a fact we often forget

Aimasiko lo’n damu eda o,

Failure to know and understand ones time and season is what gets man worried and unsettled

In deeper words: failure for the creation to understand the times and season is what gets them troubled.


Oro mi lowo Oluwa lo wa

My case/ matter  is in God’s hands


lowo Oluwa lo wa

It’s in God’s hands

Ani oro mi lowo Oluwa lo wa,

I say, it’s in God’s hands


My job, My work, My family, My lover

Is in God’s hands

Simi+ Ebenezer Obey
Simi with Ebenezer Obey

I dare you to say it out loud, My case is in God’s hands, My destiny is in God’s hands in Jesus name.

Watch the video>

My Yoruba senior brothers and sisters, did I do justice to the interpretation?

Please comment below ☺ and don’t forget to say/type a big AMEN.


I Love you

God Bless you!


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