Share a Coke with Tosin

You can have some too 🙂 cause it’s good to share.

Someone from my church sent me a letter once that read: “My neighbour asked if he could borrow my ladder, and I said of course. I later learned that he already had one of his own.
He didn’t need to borrow my ladder; he just used it as a way to build our relationship. When he borrowed my stuff, it made me feel that I was needed, and I liked that feeling.

I’ve now learned to do the same thing with my other neighbours. Another neighbour has a shop vac, and I borrow it every
Friday night to clean my car with my son.

In fact, now Roger leaves it out for me. I told Roger recently that I could afford to buy my own shop vac, but I just like the interaction of borrowing his. Roger asked me to please not buy one for myself. He had learned to see the connection between generosity and community.”

You shouldn’t live with or close to someone and not relate with the person. It’s not Christ like.  One of the primary lessons of life is learning how to share. This story was culled from Rick Warren’s Daily Hope devotional and from it I picked that sharing is a relationship strategy. So this is me sharing my Coke and time with you. Thanks for spending your time reading. Please share your comments and sharing experiences.

Love you & God Bless You

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