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A few days ago, I accompanied someone to a popular market in Lagos and what I saw amazed me. The scenario is more or less what happens in a typical local market in Lagos.

Man says: Babe… Let me show you something new, you haven’t seen it before, Its reigning now. [He spoke quiet good English]

Me thinking: It won’t hurt to see the “something new”, besides I accompanied someone, I am here to window shop and keep myself up to date with prices. If the price of tomato can multiply overnight, fashion items can as well. Following him wasn’t too much of a diversion.

Man: Gets to his shop and shows me rolls of different fabrics which He called Chiffon Ankara.

Me: Ehen? (Pardon Me) I asked in broken engish.

Man: Comes again, Chiffon Ankara. See the different designs…

Me: So I touched it to feel the texture and view the various designs available. It was an imitation of popular Ankara designs, printed on quality chiffon fabrics. The chiffon felt waxy, looked lustrous and was closely woven. I asked for the price and attempted to beat down the price before I left his shop to continue window shopping.

See pictures of Chiffon Ankara below:

Chiffon Ankara African Print Classic 'Yellow Stars' Fabric (Per Yard)
Chiffon Ankara African Print Classic ‘Yellow Stars’ Fabric (Per Yard)


images (27)

Apparently the Ankara chiffon is not entirely new, the style was conceived in 2013 by a Nigerian based in London .


It has been sold in a couple of exquisite stores in Nigeria but it recently got to the local markets and might take a couple more months to flood the market; before it trends. You can get them in Tejuosho market, Yaba.
Check out more interesting ankara chiffons below and please drop your comments.

images (30)

images (37) images (36) il_570xN.820443482_355u


images (35)


images (25)

oPaL eYe Waje-Zen-Magazine-December-2013-BellaNaija-02-2

Do you like them? What style would you make with your ankara chiffon?

Photo Source:
Tote Collection

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