Discovering Your Purpose Driven Life


Living a purpose driven life can be tough. That’s if-when you have discovered your purpose in the first place.

I wrote an article for Life After Abuse magazine a couple of months ago. Though the target audience were teenagers and youths, I believe it’s an article everyone should read.

6 Easy Steps to Identify Your Purpose

Have you ever experienced chills of fear and uncertainty as you were asked ‘What your purpose is? Chances are you’ve either been asked by others or by your ever thoughtful mind. What do you want to do in future? Which career path would you tread? When will you get married? Would you be great and successful in life? Etc.

As youths, discovering purpose can be a vulnerable phase, yet 80% of one’s future is dependent on it (this reminds me of the Pareto Principle). A good number of youths have lived with the fear of failure, being ignorant of the fact that *discovering* purpose is a process. It’s more like an adventure in which courage is necessary to pull through successfully.

Below are 6 easy steps that will guide you:

1. Be Friends with the Master Planner– The number one person you need in your life right now is God. He created you with a plan in mind and this plan is your purpose Jeremiah 29:11. The sooner you surrender all to Him and fellowship with Him daily, the earlier you will discover your purpose and set the track right for a successful lifetime.

2. What is your Hobby– Get a journal and make a list of activities you enjoy doing. Your Hobbies will lead you to your purpose.

3. Explore– Engage in activities that revolve around your hobbies. Volunteering in church, in an organisation or broadening your knowledge in areas that interest you would help. For example, if singing is your hobby, then join the choir, if you don’t have time to join the choir, watch relevant videos that will train your voice and increase your knowledge of music. In the course of this, you may discover that some of your hobbies are talents and skills you had that needed development. Volunteering would help in realizing and developing your hobbies into skills and talents.

4. Evaluate– In the course of exploring your hobbies, you may realize more hobbies and cancel some. This means it’s time to go back to your journal. Make a list of these hobbies, those you love on the left-hand side and those you simply like on the right. Chances are your list is gradually becoming a list of talents/skills.

5. Watch out for that Tree! Compliment– Genuine and frequent compliments can be a purpose indicator. Take note of things that stand you out from your peers and things that often leaves people puzzled as to how you did it. For example, You are good with numbers, you love physics and people often ask, how did you fix that, when you’ve never been thought how to fix things? Chances are, you might be good in engineering or technical things.

The Big Picture

6. The Big Picture– Relax, the same way your hobbies turned into your talent/skills, your talent and skills will lead you to your purpose. They will all form a big picture with time. Every day on earth is an opportunity to keep discovering your purpose. As long as you follow these steps you’ve laid a foundation to discover your purpose.

So when next you’re asked what your purpose is, do not fret, simply say “I’m discovering my purpose”.

 I would love to read your comment.

I Love You & God Bless You

8 thoughts on “Discovering Your Purpose Driven Life”

  1. Thank U for such an insight in discovering one’s driven purpose. Discovering Ur purpose is such a massive & mind-burgling subject, yet U’ve explained it in such a simple way with those examples. I can now say, I’m still discovering my God given purpose. I’m not there yet. Now I can build on these information U’ve shared with us. Once again, thank U!

    1. Thank you Collins, it’s a pleasure. Each new day is an opportunity to keep discovering more about our purpose.

  2. I like to think of purpose as something that’s there but needs to be uncovered. It’s not something you go chasing to find, it’s right there where you are, when you truly mean to find it.

    It’s sad that most people go thru life not knowing what they are here for, and you still have to push through with discipline and diligence to live out your purpose. But this is my gist to all, keep doing whatever your hands find to do as though it is where you should be and you’ll find yourself smack in the midst of why you are ‘here’.

    *thumbs up*

    1. This is so spot on …”keep doing whatever your hands find to do as though it were your purpose and you’ll find yourself in the midst of why you are ‘here’ Thank you for sharing Ola. God bless you!

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