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Easiest way to Stop Picking Your Nose in Public

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Picking your nose in public can be a tough habit to stop. While using tissue rather than your hand is the right thing to do; what happens if you don’t have tissue close by or the tissue just doesn’t satisfy the itch?

We often don’t get satisfied until that troublesome treasure has been dug out. 😁

How then do we avoid this embarassing 🙆call of nature?

This is something that has worked for me for severals years and I’ll like to share it with you.

Clean your nose daily while bathing:
1. Have a bowl of water dig a small finger into your nose, rinse your hand in water and repeat till you feel it’s all out. (Using a small finger will prevent your nose from expanding).

2. When you’re done. Pour water in your palms and blow out your nose in water. This will help remove any left over mucor or dirt.

Picking your nose

The best way to avoid picking your nose is to ensure your nostrils are cleaned every morning.

Do you know other ways to avoid picking the nose in public? Please share 🙂.

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