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I actually wrote this post some weeks back but didn’t get to post it. It’s an inspiring true life story/report please read on…Tunwase Kabiru, a Nigerian prisoner graduated with a bachelor’s degree from National Open University Lagos on Saturday the 18thof January 2014. Vanguard Newspaper.
It is glaring that this is an unusual incidence. It simply reminds me of the story of Joseph. Thinking this through I recall that God declared that 2014 will be a year of the supernatural. We will be working in supernatural favour, supernatural grace, and supernatural overflow.

 Could this be one of God’s wonders?

After being awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Human Resource Management, the middle aged prisoner made this statement, “I want to thank God for what he is doing in my life. I have always had hope in God and that is what inspired me to enroll. I was actually imprisoned after being found guilty of committing murder and I have served 11 years so far. I am still hopeful that things will turn around one day for the better, having achieved what I have today.”

Chuks Afejue, the assistant comptroller-general Nigeria prisons, hailed the courage displayed by Kabiru, adding that he was the first to enroll and kick start academic activities at the prisons study centre.

The Study Centre Director, Mr Ladan Babakodong, said two other inmates were to join Kabiru to graduate but that they were unable to meet up the minimum graduation requirements.

A lot more inmates are eager and qualified to enroll but have no support. They will need more support from NGO’S and the general public to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

I picked a lot from this report. In a nut shell I will say those who run to God will definitely see Gods hands in their life no matter the sin committed. To be a goal getter, you must overcome barriers with courage and determination. If Kabiru could succeed in prison, then nothing should stop you. GO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS.
Love you and God Bless you!   

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