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Happy Birthday Mr President


I was moved by this video of the Acting President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo singing Aka Jehovah by Gabriel Ezeashi as he marked his birthday on the 8th of March 2017. There are a thousand and one things the Acting President of a country can do to have fun on his birthday yet he chose this to be one of them. Immediately I thought to myself ‘The humble person God lifts up and saves’ Job 22:29b.

Coincidentally, on the 7th of March, I came across this video, I felt this song would lift me up so I googled the meaning and discovered it was powerful.
Read the key verse below:
Aka Aka Ya (The arm of the Lord)
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of the Lord does great things)
Olu ebube ya (The display of His splendor)
Nke na eruari na’ebem no (I see all around me)
Isi iyi nke ndu (The stream of life)
Nke na dighi ata’ta (That never runs dry)
Aka aka ya (The arm of the Lord)
Aka Jehovah na’eme mma (The arm of His strength does great things)

God is flaunting his mighty power.
Would you be a partaker? You need to expect it and see it before you can encounter this power.

I’ll leave you with this quotes inspired by the act of Mr President.

“Never loose your value as a result of a temporary position.” Tourpaline

“In the height of achievement, humility should never be swept under the carpet.” Tourpaline

I Love You & God Bless You


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr President”

  1. Good food for thoughts and daily breakfast,lunch and dinner!.May God help us to keep little in our own eyes and always obeying Him regardless of any earthly position we occupy.IJMN .Amen.

    1. Yes! We really need more leaders like this. That’s what inspired this post. Thank you for highlighting this ma’am.

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