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 Happy New Year 🙂

I’ll be hitting the nail on the head in this post. This is a year many have tagged as “Famine”. It is obvious there is; as a barrel of oil has dropped so low that its price can be compared to a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. This is tough especially for countries who depend solely on oil as a major source of income. Even companies are down sizing and letting go of their staffs.

Nevertheless, it has also been declared:

You shall not see the wind neither shall ye see the rain; yet your valley shall be filled with water, that ye may drink, both ye and your cattle and your beasts. Thus says the Lord. 2King 3:17

At destruction and famine you shall laugh : neither shall you be afraid of the living creatures of the earth.  Job 5:22

Despite the turmoil, You need not freight, let these scriptures be your source of hope and keep your eyes focused on God. I guess you know that Joseph, increased in wealth, fame and fulfilled his purpose during famine. If Joseph had prayed against famine, and God had answered his prayer or had Joseph left Egypt for greener pastures, his life would have been insignificant. Selah

Also, when there was famine, had Issac not moved to Gerar as God instructed him to, it won’t have been recorded that “Issac sowed in that land and received in the same year a hundredfold; and the Lord blessed him”. Genesis 26:12 KJV

This is the year, in which God will separate “His very own” from “His own”. It  is either you are completely sold out to Christ or you are not.textgram

Here’s the strategy, “Famine will/has come; but those who hear him and strictly obey him are those who will truly increase. Daniel 11:32. God is going to instruct his own to do seemingly foolish things to achieve supernatural things”.

  • Joseph remained in Egypt yet God blessed him because God had prepared him for the famine ahead of time.
  • Issac had to leave for Gerar because that was He’s place of blessing and not Eygpt.

Study Gods’ word, fellowship with him and God will exalt you like never before.

Its Time For His Own to Manifest.

Romans 8:19

I Love You & God Bless You

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