Pray No More! He’s Heard You

As I was praying in a fellowship, there was this request which had been on my mind for a long while, so by reflex I asked God again to make it manifest. While making my second lap of prayer, God said in an emotional tone. “It’s enough. I can hear you and I have heard you. I have done what you want, move on to something else”.  

Although I was happy he had done it, I felt I could have been more sensitive to Him while we were having the conversation (by the way, prayer is conversing with God). This made me recall and conclude that, “Asking is okay but asking again and again can be wrong when you’re insensitive to what God is saying at the moment. James 4:3a “You ask and receive not because ye ask amiss”. At that point, God had done it but I kept asking. 

What are you asking God for? Perhaps He is telling you to ask in a different way, or he’s saying,
“Ask for something else, what you’ve asked for isn’t the best for you. Maybe He’s telling you, “To get that request, you need to praise; your praise would speed up the rate of delivery.

Other times God may say, ‘Give’, ‘Wait for it to come’ or He may say, “Your prayer has been answered, go in peace, stop your tears, stop the fast, waste no more saliva of yours on that request cause it is settled.

Remember, when we recite our request, we can’t hear what God is saying to us because we’ve made our ‘prayer’ a monologue. Be sensitive to the spirit, know how God wants you to pray and pray that way. It’s less stressful, most effective and pleasing to both God and man.


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