The Adventures of A See Me Finish Personality

Ladies and Gentlemen, put on a clear mind, as I take you through the adventures of a See Finish Lagbaja, also known as a See Finish Personality. In case you encounter more weird character name asides Lagbaja, such as Tamodu, Kajanlekoko; they are funny native Yoruba names often used to describe a random person.

Before I gist you about Lagbaja let me drop this: I heard about the word “See Finish” earlier this year and the explanation was morally good. So I thought to myself, ‘I’ll make it the title of this post’, then I googled it to make some research and I found this beautiful definition “See Finish” by Ololade Ajekigbe a.k.a Lolo

Lolo’s law of “See Finish” states that “the more thoroughly we know a person and are aware of their shortcomings, the more likely we are to take them for granted.

Lagbaja’s story begins: Lagbaja shoots himself on the leg whenever he assumes He knows all there is to a friend, colleague, neighbour, mentor, employee, employer, spouse, pastor, leader and those generally in his sphere of influence. Why, because of his See me finish attitude which has gradually developed into a personality.

He stops valuable information and words of wisdom from reaching him, He even aborts favors meant for him. As if that is not enough, He misses out on possible destiny agents or mentors and deviates the anointing meant for him.

The other day, Lagbaja unknowingly placed a good rather than the best person on a job  because he undermined the competence of a familiar face who.  He paid for what he could have gotten free or at a discounted price, all because of his see finish attitude and pride.

You may ask, “Can Lagbaja not see that this attitude is putting him in a loose, loose situation? “And add, “He needs to stop before it ruins his life”.Frankly, He can’t. On the other hand, he can if only he would stop over familiarity, judging people from the outside and if he can choose to love everyone around him and network. However, Lagbaja is quite prideful so his friends don’t advise him anymore because he won’t listen.

As the saying goes, we don’t appreciate what we have until we loose it but what happens to the countless times Lagbaja doesn’t even know he lost something of value, because his see finish attitude had blinded him?


Tamodu is not left out in this. She frequently makes statements like, “Is it not Kajanlekoko, I know her jor”. Don’t mind her, don’t take her words seriously, then she shifts her lips upwards towards her nose (Yimu) while Kajanlekoko is talking (Yimu is a Nigerian slang, with Yoruba origin that means push your nose up, when you disagree with someone about something).


Another day, Tamodu indirectly shuts Kajanlekoko up, then speaks with less respect day after day, till her value for Kajanlekoko is next to nothing. Now, Tamodu is starting to feel that rather than spend time with Kajanlekoko, she would be more productive doing something else.

Tamodu thinks she knows what Kajanlekoko is capable of at every given time. She assumes her next words and actions and thinks Kajanlekoko isn’t to be consulted for big advise. She eventually mocks or snubs her therefore loosing out on the benefits she would have received as a result of God’s blessings upon Kajanlekoko’s life.

Perhap you are still wondering what a See Finish Personality is, the scenarios painted above are the character traits of a See Finish personality.

Do you have traits of a see finish attitude? Its likely you and I are guilty of one or more of the see finish attributes.

Let’s check ourselves and make ammends. Do you know of See Finish attitudes I didnt mention? Or did you have to deal with somebody with the see me finish attitude? Please share how you went about it. I’m looking forward to your comment ☺.

I Love You & God Bless You

4 thoughts on “The Adventures of A See Me Finish Personality”

  1. I have seen movies where truth or solutions emanated from the reactions or mouth of a lunatic.
    so have I heard amazingly factual words from a 5 year old.
    Lesson: we can’t know it all, we need to always give the benefit of doubt to our so familiar pals.
    Familiarity breeds content I know but that shouldn’t be in all cases.

    1. Well said Tunmise. We need to always give the benefit of a doubt to our familiar pals. Besides who is in the best position to give us genuine advise if not them.

  2. Truth spoken in the most definite way. Everyone has the tendency to have this “See finish” attitude, its for us to keep checking ourselves. Cause see finish can be connected to pride. Thank you Tourpaline, plus I learnt a new name Kajanlekoko, lol.

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