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Lessons From The Bridesmaid Squad

Know Your Strength, Manage Your Weakness

It’s no news that brides and bridesmaids tend to run late at weddings and receptions.

Ladies know it takes time to slay So I said to the best bridesmaid squad ever (#VivUch2017) “We need to have a timekeeper so that we allocate time for all our activities so we don’t run late to church”. They all said it was a good idea and I should take on the responsibility.

Allocating time for the activities was chips cake but reminding everyone (the make-up artist, nail decor, *bridesmaids*, Photographer and co) to keep to time would require shouting, going up-and-down, cracking jokes and giving some witty responses to do a perfect job.

Naturally, I have a low pitch voice and a cool, calm and collected personality.
So Immediately I knew I wasn’t the best person for the job.

On the other hand, just outside our room, I could hear Moji’s high pitch (soprano) voice; she had been all over the hotel, helping out, cracking jokes and teasing friends as she helped out.

So I assigned the task to her. She did a good job as we completed all our activities, got to church 10minutes before the wedding, all composed and ready for the ceremony.

I’m sure you can hear her voice in the background.
Bridesmaids Praying
They Pray , They Slay

Couples Reception Dance
Grand Entrance to The Reception

The moral of the story: know your strengths and manage your weaknesses. God gave us different gifts/personalities for a reason.

You are neither less nor better than your neighbour.

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