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My Experience In a Danfo Bus

Just yesterday I was in a Danfo bus, with my ear piece on listening to music and while I did a couple of things on my phone, I heard voices that seemed like someone quarrelling.


Paying more attention, it sounded like a debate, a lady trying to either win a debate or convince someone. Just before concluding, I paused what I was doing to pay closer attention, then I realised the lady was preaching the gospel and this is what raced through my mind:

“Relaaxxx Aye Ole. No be fight. Speak loud but no need to shout.

The inner me could only interpret the sounds of the familiar English language spoken as sounds of turbulence, an unsettled spirit, force or maybe anger. I could neither hear nor feel the love; the interest in seeking the best for every passenger, that is, to experience Jesus wasn’t there. It was a take Jesus by force or by fire kind of preaching.

If I were to be an unbeliever, this would have turned me off.

Then I later thought…
Maybe it’s just my personality, maybe it would minister to people with a different personality. But then again, I didn’t feel the Holy Spirit in the message preached”

I’m not trying to judge Christians neither am I a pro at evangelism but I know what I know, from His word and fellowshipping with Him.

We must carry/ask for the Holy Spirit before we start to evangelise. Without the Holy Spirit, we need not attempt to open our mouths because he alone can do the conversion, we are only tools in his hands. John 16:8,13.

We also need to begin to apply a level of psychology into evangelism; then again, you can apply all the wisdom required if you carried the Holy Spirit.

Let me remind you that having the Holy Spirit is a per second thing. The fact that you had the Holy Spirit a minute ago does not imply you can’t grief Him (Ephesians 4:30) a second after (Matthew 16:15-23).

The beautiful thing is that He is just a request away. Just ask for him again and He will come running to you. …He’s so romantic, right? I know ☺,

Movie Production

Let’s go back to my bus experience


Except specifically lead to evangelise..the last thing people need from long hours of work, when stuck in traffic and in an uncomfortable position is you shouting ‘Give your life to Christ or else you will perish….'(You know how Lagos roads can be, the pot holes, fumes and noise from nearly condemned vehicles and all).

Start from the soft side…show a level of understanding to the generally uncomfortable circumstance…apply wisdom then you can hit the nail on the head ‘Give Your Life to Christ’.

When Jesus evangelised, He first of all, engaged the next party. He started on a common ground. He was led by the spirit, He asked for water and from there they started gisting still he didn’t only win one soul but that one soul ‘The Samarian woman, spoke about Christ to several others (John 4:7-26). Another scenario was His encounter with Simon Peter. Please read Luke 5:1-10.

As Christians, let’s keep being that Danfo, Molue, Shopping Mall or Social media Evangelist, but let’s do it better each time. Let’s do our homework, let us research and prepare ahead for our outreachs, let’s evangelise with signs and wonders flowing through us (Mark 16:17-18), then we can be as effective as Jesus was.




Do you have an evangelism experience you’ll like to share? Do you wish to highlight any point? Were you blessed by this article? If yes please drop your comment. If no, simply drop ‘Hi’ in the comment box 😉.

Photo credit: Danfo bus- Naija Single Girl

I Love You & God Bless You


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