I’ve been hearing provoking testimonies but this Sundays’ was the height. It made me hunger for my own testimony more than ever before.

It’s time for the world to see God’s hand in our lives, thus run to him. I mean we need to be the star light right? We’ve laboured, we’ve been faithful, coupled with His grace I’m certain there’s much more in store for us.

So as a desperate child in need of MY testimony, this is on my playlist; (as I always say there’s a message in the lyrics).

I’ve seen the God of wonders
Work miracles for me
Those with gifts and talents
Spoke prophetically
The mantles of Elijah, Paul and Timothy
I want to see that power at work inside of me

Cause I’m tired of the status quo
There’s gotta be more than this
There’s gotta be more, gotta be more
There’s gotta be more than this
‘Cause desperate people do desperate things  


And we’re pressing in
There’s gotta be more
Gotta be more
There’s gotta be more than this, so much more. (Desperate People by Micah Stampley)

Do you really, really want more? Watch out for Proven Steps On How To Get More.

                            I Love You and God Bless You


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