We have a term in my home referred to as someone’s “National Anthem”.  We usually refer to a song played over and over again (an overplayed song) as someone’s national anthem. This is because the national anthem is sang daily and sometimes one 
gets weary of listening to the same old song. Although I must 
admit that in primary school, we sometimes looked forward to 
the anthem because we longed to play or hear the drums.

So there was this season my sister declared a particular song as my national anthem. It was a song sang by Juanita Bynum, titled, 
“I Don’t Mind Waiting”. Interesting enough, the song 
always ministered to me as often as I played it. It even gave me insight as to what action to take at a certain point in my life.

The lyrics of the song:
I Don’t Mind Waiting By Juanita Bynum
You know, sometimes in life,
Situations are going to occur,
Where you may look to the left or to the right,
And you can’t find any answers,
And you can’t find anybody to help you,
But I’m reminded of the word that says;
They that wait upon the Lord, He shall renew their strength,
They shall mount up on wings as eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.
Come on, you’ve got to learn how to wait.
I don’t mind waiting x 3
On you Lord
Repeat Chorus
At some point in our Christian race, the solution to our challenge will be to wait.

There seems to be negligible action/activity while performing the verb “WAIT” that we often choose to add irrelevant activities to 
our waiting period. We often say, “How can I just sit here and not do anything about this situation?” Besides, a saying goes “Heaven helps those who help themselves” This saying is not in the Bible and guess what? You are actually doing something when you choose to obey God by waiting. Even the English dictionary says WAIT is an action word (a verb).

We will all take a life test; a point in our lives when we’ve tried everything, yet we can’t seem to go go forward. We have even trusted man and man has failed us. Then we finally run to God and hearken diligently to His words but there seems to be no answer. When this happens, don’t be afraid or discouraged it’s a lesson of patience. God wants you to WAIT. Hold on to His word and let it strengthen you.

 Isaiah 40:31 
But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
 they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; 
and they hall walk, and not faint.

The grace to wait is upon as many as who ask. I have come to understand that the best things in life don’t come easy. I often imagine it takes a little longer to deliver a large, luxurious gift than it takes to deliver a cheap, common gift. Its the end of the year, and you may have something you’re still believing God for, hold on to Gods word because it will soon come to pass.  

Merry Christmas in advance!
Love you and God bless you!

4 thoughts on “WAITING”

  1. http://wisewayministry.wordpress.com

    Nice piece Tosin. Every waiting time is not a wasted time – if it is fully focused upon the LORD. Such a time is best spent simply feeding on the WORD of God – the living bread and communing with God via prayer – not necessarily asking Him to do anything, but enjoying the sweet fellowship of His presence. In fact waiting on God should be a daily habitual practice for God's children as enunciated by Proverbs 8:34, which says, "Blessed is the man that heareth me, WATCHING DAILY at my gates, WAITING at the posts of my doors."
    – Ayo Oshewolo

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