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7 Big Deals Which Are Actually No Biggies in Marriage


1. How Toothpaste Is Squeezed

Yes, I said toothpaste. You’ll be amazed at how this small object can change the mood in a home. A lot of women are taught to press their toothpaste from the bottom of the tube and have now gotten accustomed to this. The mere sight of a wrongly squeezed toothpaste puts them really off.  They are of the opinion that squeezing the toothpaste from bottom up, maintains the tube shape of the toothpaste, it makes the toothpaste appear neat and in addition gives a true reflection of the quantity of toothpaste left.

On the other hand, a lot of men, are not keen on this. They believe, press the toothpaste, brush and get on with the days job. They can’t seem to fathom the reason for the systematic way of applying ordinary toothpaste. They are even more baffled when it becomes such a big deal and their spouse becomes so irritated and begins to nag about it.


My Take

In some cases its the man that’s particular about the way the toothpaste is squeezed while the woman can’t just be bothered. While pressing the toothpaste from bottom up appears neater & maintains the form. Here are a few tips to manage the situation and to avoid it becoming a big deal in your home.

Wife/ Team Squeeze The Toothpaste From Bottom Up

  • Nicely explain your reason for liking it done this way. Say it a couple of times; enough to help him/her remember. At the same time, don’t do it in an annoying manner. In addition, pick few occassions to say it with a bit of humour without insulting your spouse.
  • Give him/her time to change. He/She has probably been used to this for decades. It unrealistic to change overnight.
  • Consider purchasing a toothpaste tube squeezer or dispenser for your toothpaste.
  • Another option is to use 2 different toothpastes. One for you, and another for your patrner, if you really can’t tolerate it and can’t wait for the change. Further more, put them in two various locations, so there is no mix up.
  • Lastly, pause and look at the big picture. To be candid, there are more important things in marriage and life than letting toothpaste change your attitude and affect your relationship with your spouse, as this can negatively impact your home.
  • Most importantly, pray about it. I made this the last point, so you don’t forget. However, in actual fact, this is the first thing to do. As you pray, God will give you insight and lead you on the best steps to take; considering the fact that every man/woman is uniquely created and what you think may work, might not actually be the best approach for your spouse. It is so important to speak with God about it.

Husband/ Team Squeeze It Anyhow

  • Try to understand her/his rationale.
  • Endeavour daily to apply it your partner’s way to keep the peace and make her/him pleased.
  • Don’t allow anger rule. Yes, she might nag, you might not like her tone of voice or he may be over bearing. Remember the fruit of the spirit is patience and self-control.
  • Step back and look at the big picture. To be candid, there are more important things in marriage and life than letting toothpaste change your attitude and affect your relationship with your spouse. As this can negatively impact your home.
  • Pray about it. God cares about the littlest of details.
Have you ever had a similar experience? What did you do? Do you know of any other big deal which really is no biggy after all? Please share with us.
Don’t forget to look out for No Biggy Number 2.

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I Love You & God Bless you


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