Gratefully Ever After #OluwaTo2020


One Month Wedding Anniversary

This time last month. Was the day golds were being brought out from a furnace. Coming from a Christian family, obeying rules & regulations was a given. Thanks to Covid 19 pandemic and the regulations to avoid its spread (sad face) keeping to a crowd of 20 guest for a wedding was not a compromise. So we had to ditch our Plan B for a garden wedding & Plan C for a mini hall to using a parlour. Guess you know what Plan A was, A big hall. Waiting on the state announcement every 2 weeks only for another rule to be changed was planning with so much uncertainty.

Bride been Dressed

Major lesson learnt was Trust God, Enjoy the process, Do your best and leave the rest. Focus on what’s most important to you. Things will change so be flexible and quick to adjust. Lastly, Have a thankful heart. Having come to face the reality that it’s not a normal wedding, we concluded on the key things that were important and within our control and did all we could to ensure it went well.

The Marriage Itself

We had ensured we built a solid foundation and were 100% sure we wanted to be together. We had the house stocked with food to help us focus on truly resting after the wedding.

The Bride and Groom

Our well being was important. Besides, without us there’ll be no wedding.

Constantly Praying

Praying for divine safety is the biggest key when planning a wedding. Pray for yourselves, Family and the saftey of your guest pre the event, to and fro the event and post event.


Our clothing, accessories, hair, makeup and overall look was important. As fashionista’s and couples with fashion lines (Peridot Fashion & Suithubs… we gats to represent),

Our rings

Its a graphical representation/symbol to show the seal, use something of value. Plus I love rings. Why not suit your taste. So seeing it makes you smile.

We were Joint by the Church

Many forget that the church is not the building but the people (our hearts is wer God lives). So it was of utmost important we had our church Pastors bless and join us together. Thou a major point of concern. We thank God we had this desire granted.

Photography & videography

The Hotel- Lodging


No Debts- Spend within your capacity.

Trust me it’s possible. Despite our savings and family support we trusted God as our source. In fact we made Him the Chairman of the wedding. Who makes God the chairman and get’s disappointed? NO ONE. If you have a thing for flambouyant events. You have 1 year anniversary, 2..and even 10 years vow renewal to work towards. Infact you can choose to do another reception after covid- within your means offcourse. Don’t showoff for people. Spend and look good because you want to. Your motive matters a lot.

That’s the end of the list. Don’t get me wrong everything is important and a whole lot of other things were very important to us but with the pandemic and challenges. Somethings were out of our control.

Was the wedding perfect? Nah! but was it perfect through God’s eyes? 100% yes. God was gloriously present. People could testify. Just like the story of Esther, we could see God’s hand in every scene.

Much after the wedding the devil tried to bring thoughts of a few things which didn’t go as planned, these thoughts settled a bit and I felt unhappy and immediately God told me it was a strategy to make me ungrateful.
He advised that, whenever those thoughts begin to come, I should bounce it off with Thanksgiving. e.g Say, God I thank you for our wedding, say the things you like and see the good in the imperfect things.

So Ladies and gentlemen as an impromptu post that this is I’ve decided to also spontaneously share a few of our wedding pictures here. Enjoy.

If you know a bride who is overwhelmed this season. She can contact me through a Whatsapp chat +2348066040500.

To my family, new family, friends and well wishers. I love you and thank you for your support.

To my King David, It’s been awesome living marriage with you this past 1 month. Happy One Month Anniversary Baby. Forever to Go…

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I Love you & God Bless You


19 thoughts on “Gratefully Ever After #OluwaTo2020”

  1. Dehinsilu Oluwaseun

    Awesome one month anniversary. I love the two of you story the long dating the go and come the hearing and submitting to God’s desire at the end. And the total obedience to God. The trimming process and the fruits of righteousness that now abound. Love you guys indeed forever to go..

  2. Awwwn. Happy one month anniversary to both of you!! Everything looks so beautiful and well managed considering the times were in. God bless your new home!!

  3. This writeup is awesome. Indeed you can have a debt-free wedding, it’s just a matter of having the right motive.
    God bless your home sis.

  4. Oluwaseun Adebisi

    I don’t think anyone can define under what circumstances you should tie the knot with your dream spouse or who says wedding anniversaries can’t be celebrated in a similar aura of nowadays wedding party.
    The #OLUWATO2020 team knew the timing is right and pulled the string for a beautiful wedding during a pandemic. With God, every time is perfect and right.
    Happy 1 month Anniversary! God bless your home now and always.
    @Tourpaline thank you for putting such a great article out there at this time to encourage others.

  5. Yours is of godly patients with latter glory. I thank God for your lives. Hold on to every beautiful moment in your marriage and consciously celebrate each other. God is always faithful.

  6. Bunmi- Walker Adewale

    Happy One Month Anniversary. I am glad to have been a little near both of you. Forever, learning from you. Many more celebrations to come. God bless your union.

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