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Speak Up


A throwback to one of my Instagram posts, I believe will bless you.

“I’ve learnt a lot over the past couple of months.Taking major and tough decisions. My pillar, has being a phrase inspired by Williams Shakespeare ‘Be True to Yourself’ in his exact words ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’. I’ll explain the depth of this phrase in subsequent post but today I’ll share a biblical effect of this phrase”.

To Thine Self Be True

King Solomon’s Mother, Bathsheba had been promised by King David(her husband) that her son, Solomon will be made King. Many events had taken place after this promise but one peculiar day, she heard news that Adonijah had made himself king…She went before King David and SPOKE UP. Reminding him of his promise to her.

Immediately she spoke, as if heaven and earth was waiting for her to speak, the Priest who annionts kings, arrived while she was still speaking. The story ends with Solomon being crowned king that same day. 1 Kings 1:15‭-‬40

Often times, life won’t give you what you deserve or want.
We’ve got to be intentional about it. There are times being intentional means speaking up. Speak Up!

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I Love You God Bless You


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